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Thanks to their choice of sensational fits, jeans are
the fashion icon that have stood the test of time

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Classic yet pioneering, comfy yet edgy, it’s not for nothing that jeans are the world’s most popular trousers. Once the trousers of 19th century workers, they’ve since had the honour of being named Time Magazine’s “fashion item of the 20th century”. With its own mighty empire of washes, fits and materials, denim has brought the fashion world firmly under its influence to become an undisputed best-seller.

Slim, straight, boot cut, baggy, skinny, boyfriend, stretch comfort: the great thing about jeans is that they come in so many different shapes and fits that there’s a cut to flatter every figure. What’s more, the fashion for jeans never stays still, with new looks emerging all the time from innovative designers.

Our stylists guarantee that those fresh new looks make it straight into your wardrobe, sourcing forward-thinking brands including NYDJ, Silver Jeans, James Jeans and Raphaela by Brax. Which will be your perfect pair?

We wear them practically everyday, but ‘where did jeans originate?’ is a question few of us could answer. Believe it or not, the history of the fabric used to make jeans goes back as far as the 17th century. The earliest jeans material was created in Genoa in Italy and Nimes in France, which is what gave us the word denim (‘de Nimes’ or ‘from Nimes’).

It wasn’t until 1873 that blue jeans as we know them today came on the scene, originally intended for miners and cowboys and pioneered by a familiar name: Levi Strauss & Co. So when did jeans get popular? It all started when they became the fashion item of choice for US teenagers in the 1950s, and their popularity has remained sky-high ever since. You could even say that jeans changed the world, as it became culturally acceptable for women to wear an item of clothing originally meant for men.

When thinking about how jeans should fit, you need to think about which jeans will suit your shape. Choosing which jeans to buy for long legs, you can be confident you’ll look great in pretty much any style. If you’re wondering which jeans are best for short legs, avoid cropped and baggy styles and instead go for straight or gently flared cuts. A higher waist will help create the illusion of longer legs. And should jeans be tight? Tighter jeans will accentuate your curves, but don’t try squeezing into a pair of jeans that are too tight or you’ll miss out on the whole reason why jeans are popular - because they’re so comfy!

If you’re wondering what jeans to wear with boots, the answer is that it depends on the kind of boots. Skinny jeans are perfect for wearing with calf-hugging knee-high boots, while a flared style will look fantastic with a pair of ankle boots.

One last question worth considering when you get your hands on your new jeans: should jeans be washed? Fashion experts swear that washing jeans less often makes them last longer, but it’s a matter of preference. Providing you don’t spill your drink over them, they’re a garment that will quite happily go without washing for a while, and less frequent washing will stop the dark indigo colour of some styles from fading. That said, many jeans are already lighter or distressed through pre-washing, so it won’t matter how soon you wash them.

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