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We talk make up with Freya Danson-Hatcher

We headed behind the scenes on the navabi Collection shoot and chatted all things hair and make up with Freya, our woman responsible for keeping everything perfectly groomed for the day.

Editor: Bethany Rutter

Freya Danson-Hatcher is a mak eup and hair stylist who really knows her stuff. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue Italia and Stylist, and she turned her magic hands to the navabi Collection shoot to make sure our gorgeous model Clementine really shone. We’ve rounded up some of her wisest advice and best product recommendations…

The look I wanted for navabi today was sophisticated, polished but slightly undone. A look for the kind of chic woman who looks after her skin and wants to emphasise her natural beauty rather than cover it up. Clementine has gorgeous freckles so we wanted to keep those in as that’s part of her USP, she’s got great eyebrows and amazingly thick hair, so just bringing out the shine in that.

The key hair product today has been this new vegan brand that I’ve started using called Maria Nila, which is 100% vegan, no sulphates, just really natural. It’s amazing, honestly. I use a lot of hairspray which is obviously bad for the environment whereas Maria Nila isn’t, and this stuff doesn’t hold the hair super-tightly like hairspray does. You can brush it out whenever you want, and it brings out a really nice shine as well.

I’m also using some super-nice skincare called Melvita, which again is all-natural. I’ve used it today to get really glossy skin and highlighted it with a product from a new brand called 3INA. The brand is really accessible and quite cheap, but highly pigmented. So highlighting and sculpting on top of really cleansed, beautiful skin, not overly contoured and just a nice lip balm on the lips. I used eyebrow gel to bring out her naturally amazing brows.

In terms of a product that will instantly make you photograph amazingly, MAC does this brilliant product called Mineralize Skinfinish- it takes away the oil and creates that nice glowy look on the skin, especially when the flash goes off. You could use that on bare skin if you wanted to. I’m also obsessed with this Italian brand called Madina, and they do this balmy highlighter that’s just incredible, but you can’t buy it in the UK, only internationally.

Bethany Rutter

Editor: Bethany Rutter

Social content executive at navabi. Body-positive warrior and fashion obsessive. Likes looks and books.

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