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From our expert body shape guide that will help you make the best outfit choices to fashion advice tailored specifically to you, here you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to look and feel fabulous.
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At navabi, our bottom line is, you should wear what makes you feel great. We’ve put together this body shape guide not because we believe you should have to dress for your body shape, but because we get asked a lot for advice on dressing different shapes. We hope this makes identifying your shape as clear as possible.

A few helpful things to consider when wanting to dress for your shape:

  • Clothes silhouette
  • Inside lines – shape of collar, pockets, cuff, prints etc.
  • Colour
  • Placement of horizontal and vertical lines
  • Scale of prints and design detail

Understanding your body shape will help you when looking for the clothes you feel best suits it.

H Shape
  • straight silhouette
  • shoulders and hips are roughly the same width
  • no waist
  • sturdy thighs
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A Shape
  • slender upper body
  • small bust
  • petite waist
  • wide hips
  • voluptuous bottom
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V Shape
  • wide upper body
  • large bust
  • slender hips
  • small bottom
  • slim legs
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X Shape
  • shoulders and hips are roughly the same width
  • very small waist
  • large bust
  • wide hips
  • voluptuous bottom
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O Shape
  • pronounced mid-section
  • large bust
  • slender legs
  • wide hips
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