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Doris Streich
"I am what I am" – the German label's motto is exquisitely expressed in the latest collection: feminine silhouettes and fluid fabrics are cleverly united in extraordinary designs that give you total comfort with stylish accents.
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“Make trends wearable“ -- Doris Streich is a family business that has been following this motto for generations, while never straying from their high demands on quality, wearing comfort and fashion-forwardness. With passion and dedication, the label delivers collections that inspire a modern, unique and confident take on fashion in plus sizes.

The label

Family-run in third generation, the label Doris Streich continues to win over customers all around the globe with their expertise and craftsmanship. “We are old-fashioned“ they claim proudly, expressing their strict focus on quality. Only when the last button and seam have been checked and approved do the creations leave the label’s apt hands. Four family members sit at the top of the company: Doris, Wolfgang, Brigit and Oliver Streich. Everything from design to cut to final quality control is executed in-house and never outsourced, to ensure maximum control – after all, each piece of clothing does carry the family name on its tag.

That does not mean the label’s take on fashion is conservative, however. Modern and always in style, with highest demands on quality and comfort, the label encapsulates a contemporary aesthetic in their collections that represents the customer they cater to: Young irrespective of age, fashion-conscious and always with an international vibe, “these are the women we dress – with passion and enthusiasm“

“I am what I am“ the iconic Gloria Gaynor lyric perfectly condenses the label’s philosophy and thus quickly became their slogan. The message behind it is a strong statement: Fashion clichés have no place in the label’s understanding of style, as beauty is not defined by standards but by confidence and individuality. Uniqueness is always trademark rather than a flaw.

Doris Streich is popular in over 20 countries as diverse as France, Italy, Russia and Canada and loved by women all over the globe.

The collections

Luxe materials and intricate detailing set jackets, trousers, skirts, tops and blouses apart. Inter-combinable pieces make for unique looks. On top of that, Doris Streich’s collections are always crafted with stretch fabrics, to guarantee not just comfortable wear but flexibility and room to move. Trends are made wearable instead of simply copied from the runways, never compromising on comfort for the wearer. Doris Streich cannot be limited to just one style. From Laid-back and sporty to supremely elegant and chic, all style renditions can be found at the label in sizes from 12 to 28.

The label understands it’s role as exceeding that of designers of clothing, it aims to envision new worlds “that the customer can identify with. Real-life situations full of joie de vivre and personality. Women, who share their worldview with us, their views on fashion, on respect. Who let us know what makes them happy. And who show us their favourite outfits, just how they would like to see their character and style represented.“ “This is why Doris Streich drafts campaigns that stand out and does not use professional models in their editorials: exciting women are given the platform to get a personal profile instead“

To carry their message further out to the world, Doris Streich is represented at various fashion fairs in Germany and throughout Europe. In Germany, Doris Streich’s newest collections are shown at Berlin and Dusseldorf Fashion Week, as well as on the biggest national fashion fairs, such as Early Strick, and globally at the CPM in Moscow.

Company history:

Streich Bekleidungswerk GmbH & Co. KG. was founded in 1947 by Hermann Streich. The company is based in Balingen, in Germany’s southwest. When Hermann Streich’s son Wolfgang and his wife Doris took over the company in the 80s, they put their focus on mix-and-match fashion. The third generation of Streichs joined the family-run company after having completed a comprehensive education. Daughter Brigit Streich and son Oliver Streich have been part of the company since 2000. Birgit, as product manager, oversees the creation, design and marketing and works closely with the design team. Oliver’s expertise lies in sales, IT and finance. The global business is supplier to 1.500 clients in Germany, Europe, Russia, Asia and North America.

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