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Clothing at navabi: Dresses, LAUREN VIDAL

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My Star Denim
Naomi and Nicole
Peter Rutz
Raphaela by Brax
Silver Jeans
SPA Accessoires
State of Mind
Zizzi Identity


Dresses give every woman a touch of sophisticated elegance in a flash. They come in every imaginable style and colour, from extravagant designs to modest cuts. At navabi, we provide you with large size dresses suitable for every occasion, age, and body shape. As our online boutique is dedicated entirely to plus size ladies clothing, we know exactly what the strong woman of today wants and needs. Thanks to the collaboration with more than 100 successful designers, such as Doris Streich, Hétéroclite, and One-O-One, we are able to offer you high-class fashion you can't buy off the peg. In addition to that, our dresses and other items are only produced in a limited number of pieces, so be sure to buy unique designer clothing at navabi!

Celebrate your curves – with dresses at navabi

At navabi, we provide you with a broad selection of dresses, suitable for every occasion, style, and age. Are you looking for a new office outfit? Our shift dresses are perfect as work clothes, as they are elegant and yet not too dressy. If you are into this type of dresses, take a look at the ones designed by Anna Scholz and Gozzip, for instance. Do you rather want a dress less elegant and more casual? Then you will love the dresses by Lissmore and Turbulence. In addition to that, we provide you with fantastic summer dresses! They come in bright colours and are lightweight, ideal for hot temperatures and holidays. If you like it more natural, check out our linen clothing, as it is very easy to take care of and eco-friendly. We even carry dresses for mothers-to-be – our plus size maternity clothes are trendy and absolutely comfortable at the same time. To top it off, we offer you everything you need for weddings; whether you are getting married yourself, or just are attending one. We provide you with plus size bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits, and much more! As you see, nothing is left to be desired when it comes to dresses at navabi! If you nevertheless happen to have any questions, requests, or pieces of advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer service (0 800 0159739). It's toll free and of course, we do speak English as well. With this in mind, enjoy shopping for dresses and our other items at navabi – compliments guaranteed! less...
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